With Myrosinase

from Mustard Seed

Our Story

Our Broccoli Seed Extract with Myrosinase from Mustard Seed, and Vitamin C, is an innovative dietary supplement that was designed with the intent of maximizing Sulforaphane productiton and bio-availability. * 

We include a high dose of 383 mg of patented TrueBroc® per capsule. Utilizing a patented process, Glucoraphanin is extracted from broccoli seeds to provide an extremely potent source of bioavailable Sulforaphane.*

Our 10:1 Ratio of TrueBroc® to Mustard Seed Powder with Vitamin C enhances Sulforaphane Conversion. Vitamin C significantly increases the enzyme activity of Myrosinase. *

  • Formulated with the intent of maximizing Sulforaphane bioavailability and conversion. *

  • Industry Leading 10:1 Ratio of TrueBroc to Mustard Seed Powder with Vitamin C for enhanced Sulforaphane Conversion. *

  • Our Mustard Seed Powder has been 3rd Party Tested for Active Myrosinase enzyme activity. 


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