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Our Passion

Who We Are

We are passionate health enthusiasts who noticed a lack of high-quality supplement formulations that we wanted for ourselves.

Our mission is to formulate the most superior, bio-available, and synergistic ingredients in the world. Our world class products include patented forms of scientifically-proven beneficial compounds and supplements, which are intended to benefit your health, wellness, and longevity. *

We use evidence-based, meticulously-researched, and scientist-consulted ingredients, sourced from the most prestigious vendors, which are verified by third party laboratories. *

Research and Methodology

Just the Right Amount

Hormesis is when something is damaging or toxic in excess, but highly beneficial in smaller doses. We are continuing to learn that many things that cause short-term “stress”on the body, have powerful health and longevity benefits. Some of the most effective ways to stress your body to see positive effects through Hormesis are: fasting, saunas and heat therapy, cryotherapy, oxygen deprivation, and sun exposure.  Additionally, many of of the most well-known "superfoods," such as blueberries, chocolate, green tea, turmeric, broccoli, and more, are beneficial to our bodies by causing our cells to be slightly stressed, through Hormesis.* 

Our Story

Humble Beginnings

We searched for the perfect supplements, but found brands with improper dosages and questionable sources. We also noticed a lack of well-researched synergistic compounds and improper ingredient proportions. After researching obsessively and consulting with leading scientists, Hormesis® was born.

Research and Methodology

Our Science

At Hormesis, our products are based on compounds and formulas observed in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Our ingredients and dosages are decided upon after consulting with scientists and researchers involved in publishing the studies about our ingredients.  After sourcing our ingredients from the most reputable suppliers, we send them off to prestigious third-party laboratories for rigorous testing. 

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